Childbirth: how should women facing labor approach their birth plan?

Childbirth: how should women facing labor approach their birth plan?

Preparing for the arrival of a child is an exciting time for potential mothers, but there is a lot to consider. Aside from painting the nursery and learning how to change a diaper, pregnant women and their partners need to make decisions on how they want to bring their child into the world. Whether by natural, drug-assisted or surgical means, there are associated risks and benefits across the board, depending on the circumstances. In this feature, we examine different birthing methods and their outcomes.
Birthing chair

In the past, women gave birth naturally in a sitting position, employing a birthing stool.
Image credit: Eucharius Rösslin, 1513 (Arons, 1994)

Birthing practices and ideologies have gone through many changes throughout history. In AD 98, a Roman named Soranus wrote an obstetrics textbook that was widely used until the 16th century.

During the Middle Ages, the business of childbirth was in the hands of the midwife, which, in Old English, means “with woman.” Pregnant women were attended by their female friends, relatives and local women who were experienced in helping with childbirth.

Depictions of labor during this time usually show women giving birth in an upright sitting position, using a birthing stool that left space in the seat.

Other positions during this time typically included half-lying positions or even a crouching position, and of course, there were no anesthetics available. However, midwives typically used oils and unguents to help reduce perineal tearing.

There was a significant shift in the business of childbirth during the 1700s. Newer technologies played a role, as did male midwives or physicians, who began taking over for the female midwife. In fact, during this time, female midwives lost much of their status and were portrayed as unhygienic and unenlightened, and they were even associated with witchcraft.

This is the era that heralded the use of certain instruments, such as the forceps and other more destructive tools like the vectis – a lever-type tool for altering the baby’s position – and a crochet tool with a hook, used for extracting a dead fetus from the mother’s body.

The 20th century brought childbirth from the home to the hospital, where hi-tech devices and procedures – such as the fetal heart rate monitor, cesarean sections (C-sections) and epidurals – became commonplace. By the late 1970s in the US, home birth rates fell to around 1%.

The rise of the C-section

Fast forward to the present day, and the business of childbirth looks very different from its early origins. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that there were over 3.9 million births registered in the US in 2012. Of these, over 2.6 million were delivered vaginally, and nearly 1.3 million were delivered via C-section.

Additionally, the vast majority of these births took place in a hospital; only 1.4% of deliveries occurred elsewhere. Of these, over 65% took place at home and 29% occurred in a birthing center.

In 2009, the total C-section delivery rate reached an all-time high, at 32.9%, which represented a 60% increase from the most recent low in 1996, at 20.7% of all births.

Given this significant spike, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) issued clinical guidelines in February of this year to reduce the occurrence of C-sections that were not medically indicated, as well as labor induction before 39 weeks. These guidelines included initiatives aimed at improving prenatal care, changing hospital policies and educating the public.

C-sections are deemed medically necessary when circumstances make a vaginal birth risky for the mother or baby. For example, physicians or midwives may recommend one when the fetus is in the breech position – when the baby’s buttocks or feet are facing the pelvis rather than the head – or when the placenta is covering the cervix – called placenta previa.

We recently reported on a study published in August of this year that suggested breech babies have a higher risk of death from vaginal delivery than C-section.

C-section risks

However, some women opt for elective C-sections when there is no medical reason to do so. Speaking with Medical News Today, Dr. Sinéad O’Neill, of the Irish Centre for Fetal and Neonatal Translational Research, cautioned that this procedure is a serious abdominal surgery that carries certain risks:

For the mother, these may include infection, clots, hemorrhage, a longer recovery period, and although rare, an increased risk of uterine rupture in subsequent deliveries. For cesarean section babies, respiratory problems requiring treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit are more common.”

She added that women who undergo a C-section may also experience chronic pelvic pain, and some of their babies are at increased risk of developing asthma, diabetes and being overweight.

In July, Dr. O’Neill and her colleagues published a study in PLOS Medicine that suggested a small but significant increased risk of a subsequent stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy following a C-section in a woman’s first birth.

Surgeons performing surgery

“It must be stressed that a cesarean section is an abdominal surgery, and all surgeries carry risks,” said Dr. Sinéad O’Neill.

In detail, the team found that women who had a C-section in their first live birth had a 14% increased rate of stillbirth and a 9% increased risk of ectopic pregnancy in their next pregnancy, compared with women who had a vaginal delivery.

The researchers concluded their study by noting that their findings “will better inform women of the benefits and risks associated with all modes of delivery and help women and their partners make a more informed decision regarding mode of delivery based on their individual pregnancy circumstances.”

Following on from their study published in July, Dr. O’Neill and colleagues conducted research on effects of C-section and fertility – published in the journal Human Reproduction – which suggested that women with a primary C-section were up to 39% less likely to have a subsequent live birth than women who delivered vaginally.

However, Dr. O’Neill added that “this is most likely due to maternal choice to delay or avoid subsequent deliveries as evidenced in the decreasing hazard ratios according to type of cesarean section.”

In an ACOG report on safe prevention of primary C-section delivery, researchers note that “for most pregnancies, which are low-risk, C-section delivery appears to pose greater risk of maternal morbidity and mortality than vaginal delivery.”

Although the National Institutes of Health note that vaginal births after cesarean (VBAC) are successful 60-80% of the time, Dr. O’Neill says that failed VBACs are associated with an increased risk of uterine rupture, and C-sections become riskier with each subsequent surgery.

“Ultimately, midwives and obstetricians must be able to discuss with women their options for birth after a cesarean section and whether a normal birth would be possible drawing from the evidence base and knowledge, and taking into account a woman’s medical history,” she told us.

To drug or not to drug?

Another aspect of childbirth that pregnant women face is how to manage pain. The Bible’s Book of Genesis has God condemning Eve to painful childbirth for eating the forbidden fruit (“In pain you shall bring forth children”), but modern medicine has uncovered causal biological mechanisms behind the pressure women experience during labor.


During the active labor stage, contractions begin to get stronger, longer and closer together.

There are three stages of labor:

  1. Stage 1: early, active labor
  2. Stage 2: the birth of the baby
  3. Stage 3: delivery of the placenta.

The first stage entails a thinning and opening phase when the cervix dilates and thins out to encourage the baby to move down into the birth canal. This is when women will experience mild contractions in regular intervals that will be less than 5 minutes apart toward the end of early labor.

According to the Mayo Clinic, for first-time moms, the average length of this early labor is between 6-12 hours, and it typically shortens with subsequent deliveries.

Most women report that early labor is not especially uncomfortable, and some even continue with their daily activities.

During the active labor portion of the first stage, however, the contractions begin to get stronger, longer and closer together. Cramping and nausea are common complaints, as is increasing back pressure. This is the time when most women head to the place in which they want to give birth – whether it is at a hospital, birthing center or in a designated area at home.

Active labor can last up to 8 hours, and this is typically when most women who desire an epidural request one.

Spinal and epidural anesthesia are medicines that numb parts of the body in order to block pain. Administered through a catheter placed in the back or shots in or around the spine, these medicines allow the woman to stay awake during labor.

Though these medicines are considered generally safe, they do carry certain risks and complications, such as allergic reactions, bleeding around the spinal column, drop in blood pressure, spinal infections, nerve damage, seizures and severe headache.

Epidural risks

In May of this year, MNT reported on a study conducted by Dr. Robert D’Angelo, of Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, and colleagues, which examined the serious complications of anesthesia.

These complications included:

  • High neuraxial block – an unexpected high level of anesthesia that develops in the central nervous system
  • Respiratory arrest in labor and delivery
  • Unrecognized spinal catheter – an undetected infusion of local anesthetic through an accidental puncture of an outer spinal cord membrane.

After examining data on more than 257,000 deliveries between 2004-09, the researchers found that there were only 157 complications reported, 85 of which were anesthesia-related.

They concluded that, given the large sample size, anesthesia complications during childbirth are “very rare.” Though an aim of their study was to identify risk factors associated with the complications in order to devise formal practice guidelines, because the complications linked to anesthesia were so rare, there were too few complications in each category to identify the risk factors.

Dr. D’Angelo told MNT that, following on from their research, the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) and the Anesthesia Quality Institute (AQI) have agreed to work together in developing a national serious complication registry for obstetric anesthesia.

He added that the SOAP Serious Complication Taskforce have developed a draft listing serious complications linked to anesthesia, and that AQI have incorporated this information into their website, which is undergoing final testing.

When asked the question of how, in light of other epidural side effects – such as it interfering with the natural birth process or slowing dilation – he would advise women contemplating epidural or natural birth, Dr. D’Angelo told us:

Unfortunately, childbirth is very painful and no modality relieves labor pain as effectively as epidural analgesia. We do our best to educate patients about the risks and benefits of epidural analgesia, support and encourage natural childbirth when they are considering this option and make ourselves available should they change their minds as labor progresses.”

He added that research suggests epidurals only slow the first stage of labor by 45 minutes and the second stage of labor “by about 15 minutes.”

What can natural and alternative birthing methods offer?

In the wake of increased C-section rates and women opting for medicine-induced pain relief, there are still women who want to do things the natural way – or as close to it as possible.

For such women, there are a number of different options that can help to ease the pain of labor naturally and even prevent certain negative outcomes.

In a study on yoga during pregnancy published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, the researchers note that the stress of labor itself can cause changes in a birthing mother’s body:

Childbirth pain evokes a generalized stress response, which has widespread physiological effects on a woman’s parturient and fetus. Maternal catecholamine production increases, which affects the labor process by reducing the strength, duration and coordination of uterine contractions.”

By managing this stress response, laboring women “have been able to transcend pain and experience psychological and spiritual comfort,” the researchers add.

In their study, they found that an experimental group of women who were randomized to participate in a yoga program during gestation had higher levels of maternal comfort during labor, experienced less labor pain, and had a shorter duration of the first stage of labor as well as the total time of labor, compared with a control group that did not participate in the yoga program.

Hypnosis for pain relief

Another study that investigated the effect of hypnosis on labor and birth outcomes in pregnant adolescents found that the hypnosis group showed better outcomes in terms of complicated deliveries, surgical procedures and length of hospital stay, compared with a control group.

Pregnancy yoga

Techniques such as pregnancy yoga during gestation and hypnosis training can reduce anxiety and improve pain tolerance during labor.

The researchers from that study – published in the Journal of Family Practice and led by Dr. Paul G. Schauble – note that hypnosis has been used for pain control during labor and delivery for more than a century, but that the introduction of anesthetics during the late 19th century led to its decline.

“The use of hypnosis in preparing the patient for labor and delivery is based on the premise that such preparation reduces anxiety, improves pain tolerance (lowering the need for medication), reduces birth complications, and promotes a rapid recovery process,” they add.

Through this method, participants gain a sense of active participation and control by learning about the birthing process and alternative ways to produce anesthesia within the body naturally, through the release of endorphins – pain-fighting neurotransmitters.

Because water has endorphin-releasing effects on the body, many women also opt to combine their hypnosis method with a water birth, which employs the use of a birthing pool.

“Research done thus far indicates that the use of hypnosis consistently reduces anesthesia complications and facilitates a reduction in discomfort and medication during the labor and delivery process,” Dr. Schauble told MNT.

He added:

”I would strongly encourage women who were currently developing their birth plans to consider the addition of hypnosis as a means of preparing for the labor delivery process, thus increasing the likelihood of a comfortable and healthy birthing process.”

In the UK and the US, a method called HypnoBirthing is taught by practitioners in various areas.

Though there are a number of different options women can consider for their birth plans, experts from all approaches are in agreement that women should educate themselves and speak with their midwives or physicians in order to determine the course that is best for them.


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Picking Vehicle Service Contract Firms

The vehicle service contract sector has lots of providers. It is thus clear that traders and managers have the impression that they are all alike and they comprise the same items, assist the dealership in earning more money, provide great service, distinguish the dealership out of local competitions and most basically, cover claims in time and in a method which is hassle free. You might have heard this in the past, and it is more likely that you will hear it again. However, there are a few businesses which continue to stand out from the rest, and they make good on their promises. Following are a few of the items to search for in a car service contract firm.

Firms that specialize in the automobile sector like cars protection plus have a better knowledge of your wants and have employees who have dealership expertise. Do not use the services of companies that are also involved with consumer products or home appliances since they do not have a good understanding of this business.

Inspect the financial strength of the corporation. Make sure that they are backed by a stable insurance company. It is necessary that they’re well financed and reserved so that the claims payment doesn’t become an issue for you or your customers.

Search for a provider that is concerned about proper disclosure and compliance. This industry has become more regulated, and the trend is likely to continue.

Training is also a critical part. You need to make sure that your supplier trains excellently or that a local service that offers continuing training represents them. A tool in the hands of an inexperienced craftsman is dangerous and inefficient. Provide your employees with fantastic merchandise and training and they’ll make you proud.

Compare all of the policies and coverage side by side and do not forget about the other advantages like leasing cars, roadside assistance, wheel and tire and trip compensation. Ask about transfers, renewals and cancellations.

Search for a company that has experienced ASE certified claim adjusters who also have experience with dealerships. The business ought to be able to figure out ways to accept claims instead of denying them.

Never use the cost alone to base your decision of a car service contract company. There is a truth to the notion that you get what you pay for. Adding a few dollars isn’t too much to help save you some hassles together with upset clients. There’s a reason why instant coffee tastes the way it does in comparison some five-dollar latte that you buy from the coffee shop.

Learn what parts and labor prices are used for Paying your service department. The best businesses pay retail parts and labor and not warranty prices. This is extra cash in the bank which some businesses do not provide.

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Benefits of Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney.

It is important that you get to know that most of the cases in court involve personal injury cases. Most of the people who get injured are usually not the ones who are to blame but it is the mistakes of other people. It is vital that you receive treatment as well as compensation which can be in money for to help you move on with life.

You need to make sure that you do not do this on your own otherwise you will lose to your opponent. There is the need to make sure that you get the legal services from a firm that has reputation of dealing with personal injury cases so that it does not take long to get compensation. There is the need to make sure that you have legal assistance especially if you do not know anything to do with the law. It is important that you get to understand that a lawyer will be helpful to you in the following ways.

One thing that you need to understand that it is not a very good time after you have been involved in an accident and you are sustaining injuries. The victim will have to deal with physical, psychological and also emotional suffering as a result of the accident. There need to be people who will be at your side especially when you are dealing with such trying moments. It is therefore important that you hire a lawyer who will collect the necessary evidence to build up a case.

With well-collected evidence and also availability of witnesses, you will win the case easily. With a good law firm, you will be able to receive medical care in the process from a reputable hospital.
The other way of handling such a situation is the informal way. This means that you do not want many things a part of getting what belongs to you. This means that the people who are supposed to compensate you will take advantage of this condition so that they give you an unfair amount of money. There is the need to get a lawyer to do the negotiation for you if you do not want to land yourself into more problems. It is also important to make sure that all the medical bills are met by your opponent and only a lawyer will ensure that this is done.

The other reason why you need to hire a lawyer is to help you know what is your right as a personal injury victim. With a lawyer you will be able to know what is needed of you so that you receive a fair compensation. It is important that you get to choose the lawyer who will be able to handle your case wisely. It has to be someone who has good communication skills and one who has experience in such cases.

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Benefits of Personal Injury Lawyers in Colorado

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For your wooden products and house to stay for long and have a good appearance it needs to be protected. This protection is from moisture and insects which are the biggest threat to wood. The rotting and decay of the timber products are caused by the moisture and the insects. There are many ways timber is treated among them being the ACQ in other words alkaline copper Quaternary. As the name implies the preservative is made of copper products. There are a few disadvantages of this method as a mode of wood preservation. It is a highly corrosive chemical that affects most metals that are used together with the wooden products. The species of the wood and the application of the wood will determine how many chemicals will be used on the wood. Timber being used around a water body will be dipped in a more saturated fluid than that being used above ground.

Another wood treating method that is fast being accepted is the use of copper metal. This method is being accepted fast because is friendly to wooden fasteners. An alternative name to be given to this method is the micronized copper wood preservative method. The copper metal is applied to the wood as small microscopic particles injected into the wood at high pressure. The process eliminates the need to dissolve the copper as is done in earlier copper-based preservatives. When this process is used to treat timber the timber properties are increased highly. The wood products protected using this method last longer.

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How To Rent A Vehicle For Less Cost In Your Travel.

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Imperative tips To Consider When Traveling.

Traveling involves movement from your locality to a far state or town for specials purpose and you are required to plan the trip or transport in advance to evade any case of misfortune or mishap that may disrupt the journey. If you want to enjoy a safe travel and journey to where you want to move to, these are some of the factors that you should keep in mind and so to ensure imperative journey and stay in such a place.

A travel guides is essential and helps when determining places to go and you should purchase one that will show you locations, the destinations to stopover, where to pass through and many issue regarding the whole travel. The other consideration is climate and you should examine the weather and climatic patterns of that place so that you are able to plan yourself ahead on the type of clothing’s and wares to carry that will aid you to cope with such climates.

If you are visiting overseas, you need to get legal documents like visa and passports in advance such that you won’t be in trouble while crossing borders as this can delay or halt your travel. You need to be aware of the travel currency you should have and if you have the one accepted in your home state, conversion booklet ought to be availed so that you can be able tyro know how much you will get after converting the currency.

You also need to know how the local people will accept you and their responses when they see visitors as this will enable you know the type of society you are visiting, whether they are hostile or full of gratitude. To have a smooth and superb stay where you travel to, get information of the most efficient hotel’s services there and book it for everyday you will stay there and this is preferred as it minimizes risks of missing boarding facilities that can disrupt your journey.

A good guide of all the places you want to visit or events you want to participate in is exquisite in your travel as it will aid you to budget appropriately and avoid misuse of resources only to realize later you missed some events. It’s advisable to carry a good luggage of twice per item to act as back-up in case of anything.

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How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is a long methodology when you are searching for personal injury legal counselor since you expect to find one that will suit each and every one of your necessities. The lawyer you will pick will be responsible for the result of your case so ensure that you put several things into thought before you settle on one personal injury lawyer.

The basic thing you need to know is if the lawyer has a decent name, ensure that you direct a research to ensure that he is a man you can trust. A person who has been represented by the legal counselor can uncover to you the kind of experience he had with him. The web can moreover help you in finding about the notoriety of the lawyer; reviews made about the legal adviser will help you to know the kind of legal services he offers.

You need to ask several questions about the lawyer and if he has had any kind of involvement with the kind of case you are having. You need to test the lawyer and check whether he has scrutinized your case documents well. Find a lawyer that responds well to you and will be able to give your case the best attention that it requires.

To abstain from wasting your time and that of the lawyer, you need to consider in case you genuinely require the services of the personal injury legal adviser or not. Talk to your associates and uncover to them your case and hear their opinions if you have a case. The other basic thing you require is to consider the measure of cash you will spend hiring the legal counselor; you can ask the lawyer the rates they charge to represent you. You should pick a legal adviser that charges expenses that fit the monetary plans you may have for this case. You need to ask the lawyer how he will enable you to get more from the compensation settlement, the legal counselor will be able to take a look at your medical details and you will be able to get back your cash from the medical cost charged.

You can have the capacity to get these personal injury legal advisers from their websites, investigate the reviews made about them and concentrate on any negative things said about them before you settle on one. Recommendation from associates is also a way of getting your own personal injury legal counselor since they will unveil to you their experience with the legal counselor and on the off chance that he will be invaluable to your case.


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The Reason A Personal Injury Advocate Is Crucial In case Of An Injury.

A lot of people are getting hurt due to other peoples mistake. If yours is such a case, there is the need to make sure that you receive a good amount of money in form of compensation. But this not always the case as they the injured is denied the compensation that they are entitled to. in case they receive the payment, they will also have a problem of underpayment. this will happen if the insurance firm get to know that you have no clue of the legal formalities to follow. To be on the safe side of the court ruling, there is the need to make sure that you get an advocate as he or she will fight for you. The following are some of the many reasons why you need to find a lawyer after the accident.
During the period of the accident, the victim usually goes under a very hard time.

It is the time that you have to find a good hospital to ensure that you get quality medical care. You may not be able to make the right decision and you need someone to help you ion all the legal matters that you have to go through to make sure that it is well with you. There is too much that you have to deal with in this trying moment from the many medical bills and the healing process. A personal injury advocate will help in ensuring that all the cost you undergo will be reimbursed.

During this time, the insurance company will be taking advantage of your situation and promising you thing that will seem to matter in the moment yet you will later realize that they dint. If you find that the insurance company is trying to be nice to you as the victim, you need to be very careful as they are very dangerous. The insurance company understand the wrath that will fall to them when you have an advocate and they will try to discourage you on hiring one. Another thing that they will do is to tell you of how less costly it will be to handle the matter the informal way which can be very dangerous for you.

There is the need to make sure that you have enough evidence to present to the judges if you really want to win the case. When you are on your own, the insurance company or your opponents will always try to also gather unnecessary information just to disturb you. This is the kind of information that they will use to ensure that you don’t receive any payment or if you receive it is lower than the eligible one. However, with a lawyer, the case will take a short period and it will end in your favor.