Summer Fashion Tips From Boutiques Trending In The South

Summertime in the South brings plenty of sunshine, but it’s also a very hot and humid season. It can be hard to know how to dress to stay cool and still look great in this climate. Fortunately, some experts at boutiques trending in the south have shared a few secrets to help everyone look their best at the hottest time of the year.

Stock Up On Linen

It’s very important to choose fabrics that let air pass through freely, which keeps the skin cool and minimizes perspiration. One of the best fabrics for summer wear is linen. With its open weave and loose fit, it’s the most breathable of all fabrics. In addition, linen can absorb sweat and evaporate it quickly into the air.

Choose Other Breathable Fabrics

Besides linen, cotton, silk, and chambray are also excellent choices for keeping cool. Natural fibers are almost always preferable to polyester blends, but the exception to this is any fabric with a moisture-wicking weave. This technology is widely used in sportswear but is also becoming more common in everyday fashion.

Layer For Comfort

Wearing multiple lightweight layers is a great strategy for transitioning from outdoor heat to indoor air conditioning and vice versa. A tank top can be paired with a sheer or lacy blouse or a thin and elegant kimono jacket. The best type of blazer for the summer is one that has structured shoulders but hangs loosely rather than fitting closely to the body.

Buy Slightly Bigger Shoes

Feet tend to swell in the heat, so fashion experts advise buying shoes in a half-size larger than normal. The best shoes for summer are made of materials that let air circulate around the feet. Canvas and suede are two good choices, as are styles that use mesh or cut-outs to let in extra air.

Some other summer comfort tips include wearing loose pants and maxi dresses and staying away from denim and skinny jeans. And don’t forget to think about sun protection like a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. Those who plan to spend a lot of time outdoors may also want to look for clothes that are designed to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.